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About us

As our social and economic landscapes change, the skills needed to deal with the complexities of life are changing too. The modern-day workplace is dominated by the fourth industrial revolution, affecting the way we work, interact, and communicate with each other. From digital media to web analytics, cloud computing to social media platforms, we must now realise that the skills necessary to get ahead have evolved and, as a result, we must too. In an age of digital transformation, Peoples Place Community Partnerships (PPCP) strive to harness the power of the twenty first century skills to enable people to transform their lives. 

PPCP is a forward-thinking education, skills-to-job training, and careers development company. We deliver twenty first century skills guidance, technical support, and training, with a strong focus on providing industry related learning experiences and career development pathways in the IT and digital creative industries.

As a Community Interest Company, founded by a dedicated team of IT professionals who are passionate about using tech to help local people into work and support community-based organisations, we believe in the positive effects that digital technologies can have on the everyday lives of people, their jobs, and the environments in which they live. Through our innovative and community driven social action projects, we aim to demystify modernistic workplace technologies, from cybersecurity to collaborations tools, CMS systems and data analytics, to support our beneficiaries in developing new career pathways into the labour market.